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Additional Services

Upon your request and while at your home we will also provide other home cleaning services such as:

mirrors, shower doors, ceiling fans and light fixtures..

Blind Cleaning

We individually wipe down each blind slat with a damp microfiber towel getting rid of all that unwanted dust.

Ceiling Fans

We individually clean each fan blade with a treated microfiber cloth, so they stay cleaner longer.

Mirror Cleaning

We clean all types of mirrors from bathroom vanity mirrors, to small, and large wall mirrors. 

Shower doors

We treat your shower doors with rain-x, it helps to prevent soap scum, hard water deposit and grime from building up and sticking onto shower doors.

Light Fixtures

we maintenance your light fixtures anything from changing light bulbs to dust, and cleaning them off.

A/C Filter Cleaning & Grill Washed

It's inportant to keep  your A/C filters cleaned. It helps to keep your allergies in check, and even lower your light bill.

Window Cleaning Our Specialty!

We clean your windows inside & out, tracks,screens,and sliders with are special window treatment solution that repels water, and help them stay clean longer.

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